Petromaat CONSORTIUM is introducing in the market a strategic collaboration between MAAT International Group and some of the best in class Trading Business Firms designed to revolutionize Trade Finance Services in the fuel and Oil & Gas sector

Petromaat CONSORTIUM mission is to enhance the terms and conditions of fuel and Oil & Gas trading activities, ensuring mutual benefit

  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM specializes in facilitating seamless transactions, including the procurement of Refined Petroleum products (Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel), known as "The Business Purpose."
  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM showcases financial strength through the best in class Trading Finance Structure Facilities on behalf of "The Petromaat Consortium."
  • Unencumbered funds exclusively designated within Petromaat CONSORTIUM initiatives.
  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM has the authority to confirm financial capacity and acquire "The Products” through our Investment Funds ecosystem.
  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM core business purpose is to generate profits through our collaborative endeavors.
  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM Board of Directors commits to maintaining confidentiality and refrains from distributing information without express consent.
  • Petromaat CONSORTIUM Board of Directors refrains from direct contact with disclosed parties, limited to necessary bank-to-bank confirmations.

Petromaat CONSORTIUM is a  dynamic partnership—where success knows no bounds!..

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